Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today's tidbit is this notice from the AC&C's volunteer newsletter. It was evidently exhausting work shutting down the volunteer program for a full redesign all summer and doing a single round of orientations - only the first step in the long process volunteers must fight through in order to provide their help to the AC&C. It was so exhausting that the volunteer coordinator is taking a week off, which wouldn't be such a big deal except that she alone does all the orientation, screening, and approval of every volunteer in the New York City shelter system and nothing will be done while she is away.

The volunteer program is still at a standstill; although orientations have been done and applications have been taken, not a single new volunteer has started work under the newly re-opened program - mostly due to the previously documented mountain of hoops they must jump through to provide their help. While budget cuts have left the AC&C desperately understaffed, the one and only person empowered to recruit free labor in a time of crisis has put the project back on "hold", as it's been all summer. Meanwhile, we hear more and more of animals who never leave their kennel or crate because there are not enough people to take them out.

Enjoy your vacation.

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